High! Oh I know, mum always said my spelling was atrocious, but aside from that, I’m an angel. 

As you can see, our website is having a long awaited overhaul. If you’re looking for wholesome family values, head to Phillip Island, the penguins need your love. 

If you’re after a return to the love of your live ( that’s us ) – then follow the links below to check out this weeks club events.

But before you go head off, we thought it time to remind you of a few quick house rules in light of it being the end of the world as you know it, it’s the end of the world as you know it, it’s the end of the, ok, ok, I’m sorry.

Listen up;



Look, we know you haven’t been out in a while. And you’ve probably spent the last 10 months of Saturday nights nudging corks across the garden shed with your nose whilst wearing dads pyjamas – but it’s time to farewell your shabby chic ways and wear it like you used to. Entry is not guaranteed no matter how large your tanty – so dress to hear “YES”.

Acceptable Summer Attire;

“neat and casual” has always been our call, this ain’t no black tie ball, but we expect you to make an effort. Dress shorts, shoes, tees, jeans, slacks, good clean shoes – I could go on – you know how to dress and times have changed. As you know, our door staff are mean, shallow arseholes at the best of times. Tramp is your hot date – the line is second base – management reserves all rights on the night, so dress right. 

Not Acceptable;

Gym attire, gym shoes, baggy multi-pocket cargo pants, Fluro (TNs), singlets, fancy dress without prior arrangement, teddy tantrums or neck tattoos. Sue me. 

Covid Restrictions; guest lists, birthdays and booths 

We are currently operating on restrictive numbers. For that reason we have temporarily paused all bookings for birthdays, bottle booths and guest lists. We know this is a pain in the ass – but it won’t be forever.

Thanks for the love

Tramp x