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From Time To Time The Big Guy Upstairs Pulls Us Out Of The Line Of Life, Takes Us Into A Little Room To The Side And Gives Us A Good Old Cavity Search. During This Search We Promise To Behave, Stop Encouraging Kids To Party And Promise To Give A Little Back Too.

In the past, your magnificent generosity has raised amounts to be proud about, from helping the homeless and countless Beyond Blue initiatives, to this years lil January whopper with cheese raising $25k to the bushfire fund (January 29th 2020) we sure are grateful that we have you all in our lives. But that was then, and this is now. And it’s time again.

As you know,  we have for a number of years, been running an annual event called DISCO RAGS. The 100% to charity event, now in its fourth year, is a chance for you to get your mitts on your long lost coat, left behind in Melbourne cloak land. And a whole wardrobe more. This year, with what’s happening around the world, and on your very own doorstep, we are unable to run this as planned. Ultimately – the show must go on and this is what we’re doing. Look out for the official announcement in August of how you can help by tuning into our nightly Facebook dribblethon.

Stay safe. Stay happy. And dust off your rags – x

devote your coat

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